Virtual Shopfronts are bringing positivity and life back to high streets and shopping malls around the country and Blanchardstown Shopping Centre has just become the latest one to be given a boost and have their vacant retail units transformed.

Despite Blanchardstown Shopping Centre boasting a very high occupancy rate, it still finds itself dealing with vacant retail units from time to time. No matter how high the occupany rate of a shopping centre is, having even one or two vacant retail units can have a negative impact on neighbouring retailers and the centre as a whole. Traditional methods of dealing with the problem have seen retail style stock photos combined with logos and generic tag lines being installed.  However if a shopping centre wants to grab attention and attract new tenants, then this approach is outdated and no longer works. People have become immune to this type of window graphic and vinyl and it no longer has any appeal.

So Blanchardstown Shopping Centre called upon Virtual Shopfronts to see what could be done for two current vacant units and for future ones that may become vacant. “This project was slightly different for us as it did not involve the use of any of our vStock library of Virtual Shopfronts” says Nicholas Polley, creator & MD of Virtual Shopfronts.  “When we first met with the client it was clear that they wanted something unqiue to the centre. They wanted bespoke designs and they wanted the Virtual Shopfront to be solely used for the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, so thats exactly what we did”

The two Virtual Shopfronts, that have just been installed in the centre, were designed from simple hand sketches issued by the centre’s marketing team.  Virtual Shopfronts worked closely with the marketing team issuing draft images along the way ensuring their vision was created “It was very important that the Virtual Shopfronts clearly convey the message that Blanchardstown Shopping Centre satisfies all of its customers’ shopping needs for both their home and their wardobe. Hence the creation of the Virtual Shopfront Living Room and Virtual Shopfront Bedroom.”

Whilst the Virtual Shopfronts concept is very clever and unique in itself, the subtle yet very clear message that both these Virtual Shopfronts portray is extremely clever and will certainly grab peoples attention and when a client emails immediately after a project is complete to say “The artwork looks fantastic” you know that you have delivered.

If you have a vacant retail unit that could benefit from Virtual Shopfronts then contact us today for a free consultation and to discuss your requirements. You can also view our stock library here.

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