THE PROBLEM: Deteriorating Vacant Retail Units

With the continuing recession still forcing many retailers to pull down their shutters, retail high streets and shopping malls in many cities and towns are beginning to resemble ghost towns. The retail sector is has been hit hard and is still struggling. Run down, boarded up vacant units are having a massive, negative impact on our retail high streets and shopping malls. Not only are they unattractive to buy or rent they are unappealing to visiting shoppers and tourists, and therefore they are having a direct negative impact on the survival of existing retailers by effecting footfall.

The Virtual Shopfronts address all these issues and more and they are an immediate cost effective solution to the problem!

THE SOLUTION: Virtual Shopfronts

Virtual Shopfronts are a simple innovative and cost effective approach which have received huge interest from our target market. They are vinyl window graphics that can be installed on glazing, hoarding and even shutters. Virtual Shopfronts have been installed worldwide from Canada to Australia.

Virtual Shopfronts are 3D window graphics that give the impression that the vacant shop unit is actually occupied. Apart from being visually attractive and extremely realistic, they are an ideal way to show the potential of empty retail units. They animate the retail streetscape and clean up deteriorating vacant units and as a result they have a direct positive impact on local retailers.  They inspire new businesses to setup and by making them interactive to the public they increase business & footfall to neighbouring retailers.

Going Interactive

We have made the Virtual Shopfronts interactive through QR code and Augmented Reailty (AR) technology. By encouraging and incentivising the public to interact with our Virtual Shopfronts, not only can we increase business for existing retailers in the area but we can collect valuable data that will maximise the chances of letting or selling the vacant premises. See our home page video.


•  SELLING / LETTING of vacant retail units QUICKLY.

•  REVERSING the NEGATIVE IMPACT of deteriorating shop frontages.

•  Bringing VIBRANCY and POSITIVITY back to our high streets & shopping malls.

•  CLEANING & FRESHENING up our retail streetscapes.

•  INSPIRING startup & expanding businesses.

•  INCREASING FOOTFALL through interactive technology.

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