If you haven’t heard about innovation Dublin 2011 which has been running since Oct 17th and doesn’t finish until the 18th November…..where have you been? Head in the sand or just too busy? Hopefully the later. Well as part of the festival programme and in conjunction with Creative D & Block T, Virtual Shopfronts along with other creatives will be taking part in an exhibition that brings you on a journey through the minds and thought processes of those people shaping Dublin’s creative future. Taking place tomorrow (yes tomorrow November 3rd)  at the Block T HQ in Haymarket, Smithfield, the exhibition will highlight the different approaches to creativity adopted by a wide range of artists and innovators along the creative journey – including the visual arts, crafts, digital media, film, fashion, photography and design worlds – with a view to dissecting and examining The Anatomy of Creativity.

The event is totally FREE (yes we know what caps mean in cyper language) and we would welcome everyone and anyone to come and visit. Virtual Shopfronts will be creating a dynamic virtual retail environment while there will be lots of other amazing exhibitions to visit and discuss with their creators.

Creativity & Innovation are key to a successful new economy so make sure to come and say hello…you never know what you will learn and you can be sure you will BE INSPIRED.

Video by CreativeD memeber Martin Moylan

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